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Information | Search Cars | Sponsorship | Events and Media | Popular Models | Other - Autospecs Ltd - sponsored two Kiwi drivers Sean Falconer and Victor Chapman to compete in the Toyo Tires Pacific Drift Championship held in Shanghai China prior to the Chinese Grand Prix in October 2007. Below are some photos from the event in no particular order

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Kiwi drivers attend Chinese event are to pleased to announce they will be sponsoring Sean Falconer & Victor Chapman from New Zealand to compete in "The Toyo Tyres Asian and Pacific Drift Championship" to be held in Shanghai China prior to the Chinese F1 on the 7th October.

The event has been organised by Toyo Tires in conjunction with the Chinese Government. This event will see some top Drift drivers from around the Asian Pacific region battle it out to see who is the regions number 1 driver as a prelude to the Chinese Grand Prix. Below are the confirmed entrants to date for this event.

Japanese Drivers Masato Kawabata, Sakuma Tatsuya, Suenaga Masao, Kuroi Atsuhsi New Zealand Drivers Nick Li, Sean Falconer Sponsored by, Johnny Udy, Victor Chapman Sponsored by Chinese Drivers Sam and one other Driver Singapore Drivers Yeo Kae Marn (Kevin), Lin Kin Yan (Wan) Malaysian Drivers Narril Afifi Bin (Along), Lim Zee King

Small Update direct from Victor in China.

Victor, Sean and Johnny all made it thru to the Top 8, but then all beaten out. Victor went down to the Greddy RX7 55/45, and Sean had lost 3rd gear so was taken out. Johhny made it thru in his borrowed S14 but again was pipped. Crowd was about 5000 which was capacity, and punters paid $100 a shot to come and see the event.

More info on the event from Sean Falconer

Was A fun day Victor and myself had to battle jap drivers to make top 8

I battled Kawabata (trust s15) and victor a blue s13 ??? cant remember

drivers name but we both came away with the win

Then to make top 4 i battled Croy (Riverside rb26 onevia) with 3rd gear

missing i got a rerun against him then lost

Then victor ran against greddy rx7 and only just lost

Johny did very well to beating top chinese driver to make top 8 then lost

to (Jerry zoo pink) s15 to make top 4.

We all had a good time and gave the D1GP drivers a scare by beatinig

ther current D1GP leader kawabata.

Just like to thank for helping us get over there.....

Report from Victor Chapman

Hey Quick update from China.. We did very well considering I battled Sakuma Tatsuya in 1st battle to make top 8 and won Sean battled current points leader Masato Kawabata(s15) and took the win(missing 3rd gear!~) Johnny woody battled chinese champion and took win also..In top 8 battles I battled Suenaga Masao (Trust rx7) And took a close loss .. Sean Battled Kuroi Atsuhsi(rb26 s13) and just lost Johnny stalled car on line while battling jerry zhu and lost because of it... All in all great trip F1 track and racing is insane!!

Thanks to sponsors that made it possible

Japanese used cars

Greddy NZ

Toyo Tires China for the endless amount T1R s

The Chinese military for our petrol

Heiniken for the endless supply of big bottles



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