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HKS 35th Anniversary held at Fuji Speedway Jan 27th 2008

HKS 35th Anniversary Fuji Speedway

The directors of attended this celebration of the history and success of HKS held at Fuji Speedway and met with Hasegawa-san himself - Hasegawa is the H part in HKS. Lots of great machinery and historic vehicles were also on display and competing in an array of events including Time Attack challenges, Drift challenges, Class races, & Drift Demo's with a selection of top Japanese drivers driving a number of different cars. Tarzan Yamada piloted 3 different cars on the day as did many others.

Taniguchi and Orido put on a fabulous drift demo for the fans on the drift course using the HKS IS220R & the HKS IS220Z and they also competed in a handicap race on the main circuit.

In another event the HKS Hipermax CT230R Lancer driven by Taniguchi took on the Endless 350Z in a challenge but unfortunately suffered a mechanical failure and had to retire for the day, Manabu Suzuki was also present as the MC for the day's events.

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