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Welcome to Autospecs Ltd. the leading exporter of used Japanese cars to Canada..

Autospecs Ltd has been exporting JDM used cars from Japan since 1990 and has been exporting 15 year old used cars to Canada. Recently there has been a surge in the popularity of JDM imports world wide and there have been many newcomers trying to enter the Japanese import scene in Canada and take advantage of Canadian buyers however these players are mostly based in Canada and do not have the staff in Japan to inspect the cars at the source prior to purchase at the auctions as Autospecs does. We are at auctions everyday in Japan so why pay a middle man or some one else who sits in Canada and makes a commission when you can deal direct with the people at the source in Japan and make even greater savings. We have Customs Clearance agents in Canada to assist with the import process for our Canadian clients who buy direct form auctions in Japan, we arrange all paper work and shipping so that all the clients in Canada have to do is contact the Customs broker in Canada when the car arrives, very simple and convenient. Our strong commitment to our customers and the trusted relationships we have forged over the years has enabled us to remain at the top of the japan car export business. We have established ourselves by having prompt service and a quality product combined with a solid reputation.

Another happy client proudly displays his JDM Landcruiser
Thought I'd let you know that the cruiser is fantastic. Picked it up at port and started a 3400kms trek to the Yukon, no troubles, it runs like a dream.. Very happy with it. Thanks for your help and the great communication throughout this process. It is everything you said it was and more. The attached pic is taken from a mining road in southern Yukon. Thanks again,

We curently export all 15 year old vehicles to Canada including Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T GT-R, Silvia S13, 180SX, Fairlady 300Z CZ32, S-Cargo, Figaro, Mazda RX7 FC & FD3S, Toyota Soarer, Supra, Chaser, Celsior, Aristo, Corolla/Sprinter AE86, Landcruiser, Prado, Hilux Surf, MR-2, Mitsubishi GTO, Pajero, Delica, Honda Civic, CRX, Integra, NSX, also BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche. Starting in 2008 some other models will qualify for the 15 year old rule such as Skyline R33 series, Subaru Impreza WRX and Mitsubishi Lancer Evo. Kei cars 660cc engined mini cars and small trucks are also popular as these offer superb fuel efficiency and are very economical.

Being members of JUMVEA (The Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association) enables us to keep abreast of the latest trends and developments within the industry. We were one of the first to bring the used car auctions in Japan to the internet making them available for any one with an internet connection, many have tried to replicate our cutting edge approach to the industry. Our web sites and are the way people all around the world are seeing and buying used Japanese car imports and new Japanese cars direct from Japan. With close to 500,000 used cars available from auctions and dealers all over japan you are sure to find the car of your choice.

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