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Autospecs Ltd. sponsors top D1 driver. have resigned Phil Morrison and Driftworks for 2008, the signing includes the 3 Driftworks cars, the S15 driven by Phil, R32 Skyline driven by James Robinson and the Chaser driven by Ben broke-Smith the 3 cars will all be carrying the livery and will compete in the European Drift Championship (EDC) , British Drift Championship (BDC), Prodrift (UK rounds) and the JDM Allstars series. They will also be doing numerous drift demonstrations around the UK and Europe.

Phil Morrison has released photos of his new sponsored 2JZ 3000cc Toyota powered S15 Silvia

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S15 Silvia Drift car

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JDM Silvia S15 Drift car

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Tokyo - Autospecs Ltd., announced they have signed Phil Morrison of Driftworks Ltd., for sponsorship in the D1 Great Britain Championship. Phil is a top driver in the D1 Great Britain competition and currently is the D1 GB Champion having clinched the title on the 3rd September 2006. He will also be competing in the D1 GP World Championship to be held in December at Irwindale Speedway in the USA. The sponsorship will run through the 2007 season when will renew their commitment to supporting the fast growing sport of D1 GP.

Mr Thomas of Autosecs Ltd., says " is proud to be associated with such a fast growing and exciting motorsport known as Drifting,

New section - Photos from the 2006 D1 World All Star Drift Championship at Irwindale Speedway California

A Word From Phil Morrison:

"We are very proud to have the support of as an official sponsor of the Driftworks number one D1GP car. Driftworks Ltd is a mail order drift specific performance parts and merchandise store, based in England. We have been at the forefront of Drifting in Europe since it's inception, and are very excited to be working with the well established vehicle import/export company, to import the vehicle which we will develop over the winter, to replace the Driftworks S14 for the 2007 season."

We are very proud to announce that at the fifth and final round of D1GB this weekend (2nd- 3rd September) Driftworks Phil Morrison finished the championship in FIRST PLACE with a clear 10 points lead.

Words by Phil Morrison:

What a weekend!

We arrived for practice and qualifying on Saturday to be greeted by looming clouds. The weather ensured that every one of our runs was done in the rain, with standing water at various points along the circuit, making traction next to non existent, and control interesting to say the least. This did't faze a single one of us. In qualifying every single driver went out there and drove past the limits of sanity, entering Brooklands at silly speed given the conditions, and some, getting insanely close to solid steel armco barriers, most notably Marciej Polody. I was apparently the fastest on entry, but struggled a little with retaining the speed whilst using the soft track tyres. By far the fastest through the corners was none other than our own Driftworks sponsored driver Ben Broke Smith (Bonbon) who was on fire. I watched his 3 qualifying runs, and as he came back in, told him that without a doubt he had qualified first. I was correct..



Top 16 Qualifiers

1 Ben Broke Smith 96

2 Tim Marshall 96

3 Darren Mcnamara 95

4 Brett Castle 95

5 Mark Luney 95

6 Phil Morrison 94

7 Steven Evans 94

8 Paul Vlasblom 93

9 James Hudson 93

10 Damien Mulvey 93

11 Maciej Polody 93

12 Tony Green 93

13 Mark Coyne 93

14 Mark Johnston 93

15 Niall Gunn 93

16 Ralph Crampton 92

Sunday Competition

The main event on Sunday was looking extremely promising with clearer skies. The wind wasn't helping us put the Driftworks trade stand up, but that's a different story.

D1GB had changed the final round to coincide with Trax, which is an absolutely huge car show that would ensure the crowd that we deserved for the final.

We had a 30 minute open practice session at 2pm, which was the first time European drivers have been allowed out on the Silverstone track in packs. All pushing very hard to familiarise themselves with the now dry track, but also showing how far we have come, with only one driver pushing that little bit too hard and ending up in Silverstone's magnetic gravel traps.

For a second the crowd seemed to be very taken aback with what they were seeing. Then they were up on their feet clapping and shouting for more. We still to this day get misconceptions about what competitive drifting is, and I think within that 30 minutes we had certainly set the record straight, with 3-4 cars nose to tail on the same corner at the same time, and smoke pouring of the tyres like you have never seen, you'd have to be a very sour closed minded person to not love every minute of it. Each time I drove back to the start line past the BRDC stand, the noise of the crowd was absolutely awesome, making each driver play up to the crowd more with each run.

Top 16:

So, onto the competition: The grandstands were full an hour before we started, and people scrambled to see as we came out on track.

As normal the battles for the top 16 are chosen like this: 1st verses 16th, 2nd verses 15th etc. I don't get to see everything, as some of the time I'm obviously in the car waiting to go out, but here's what I did see:

So we started with Bonbon in the Driftworks sponsored R32, verses Ralph Crampton in the works SVA 350z.

Bonbon now has his car set up almost exactly how he wants it, and you can really tell. You don't even have to look at the car, just look at his face and the way he dances around the pits like a fairy after each run. Coming back to the start line after battling Ralph you could tell he was smiling before he even took his helmet off, and sure enough he'd beaten Ralph and was through to the top 8.

Tim Marshall (works SumoPower 350z) verses Niall Gunn (S13)

Niall span in front of Tim on the first run, so all Tim had to do was follow and stay well back on the 2nd run to go through. I think the 350z had a little too much traction and he wasn't able to keep his distance, as the 350z span and went off at the entrance to Luffield, where I've never seen anyone go off before.. So it went to one more time, and this time Tim held it together and beat Niall.

Stephan Evans a.k.a. Stiggy (Works Autoglym R32) verses Damian Mulvey (S13)

Stiggy had told me before the match that he really wanted to go to America, so was going to do whatever it took to beat Mulvey. The result came down to an extremely unfortunate and very small mistake on Stiggy part, as he went to shift into 3rd gear on the straight, he accidentally hit 5th instead, loosing him only half a second, but giving Mulvey the small advantage he needed to progress to the top 8.

Myself: Phil Morrison (Driftworks S14) verses Maciej Polody (Toyo S14).

Polody has really come a long way since entering the first round at Rockingham and attending every single round since.

I was lucky enough to see him qualify, and if there's one thing that you can say about Polody it;s that he aint scared・

I lead the first run, and although, I make a rule of not looking back whilst mid drift, I could tell that he was really close. Apparently he had come very close to T-boning me though, as he entered very fast behind me, had to lift, then straightened. In the run behind him, I saw extremely good traction from his car, and had to push to the limits to retain the same speed through the corners.. It was enough though, and I went through to the top 8.

Brett Castle (AbbeyMS S14) verses Mark Coyne (S14)

Brett wanted to get this right to keep his top 5 spot, and Coyne had clear intentions of doing everything he could to stop that. Both the Coyne brothers are known to be a little ruthless on track, so Brett did his best to keep his distance whilst in front and behind. He was successful, and with zero contact was happy to be progressing to the top 8.

Top 8.

Bonbon verses Hudson

These are two very well matched cars with around the same horsepower. It's not the first time they have been up against each other, and Bonbon once again showed his determination, and beat Hudson, going through to the quarterfinals

Castle Verses Green

Tony Green in the Soarer was once again proving that the car is a formidable beast. After struggling a little with slowing the heavy mass down in qualifying, he really came on game again in the dry. We are sure that there's a button on the dashboard, that when pressed sets a smoke bomb off underneath the car, we just can;tt seem to find it..

Anyway, Brett once again had his sights firmly set on the goal of top 5, and Tony's fantastic efforts in a still very new vehicle for him, just weren'tt quite enough. Brett went through to the quarters.

Mulvey verses Marshall

These were the best runs I'd seen Tim do in the 350z all day, he seemed to have really found his line, but Mr un-phase able Mulvey just had the edge on him and went through to the top 4.

Phil Morrison verses McNamara.

McNamara is widely regarded as the best driver in Ireland, after doing very well in the first D1GP Exhibition Match over here. Although I beat him at round 3, I'd seen him qualify, and I'd been out in practice with him earlier in the day. So I knew my job was not an easy one, and that if I didn't beat him, I'd almost certainly lost the championship. When he lead, I was close up behind him, and had to work very hard to stop the little 400bhp AE86 pulling away. I was happy with the run, and although I couldn't hear the results, felt that at worst it was a 5:5. When I lead in the second run, it felt like we entered the Brooklands at the highest speed of the day, both trying to get even a 1mph speed advantage over one another. He had gone in a little too hard though, and span out behind me, confirming my place in the quarterfinals.

Top 4

Bonbon verses Brett Castle

Unfortunately I didn't get to see this as I was sat in the holding area waiting to go up against Mulvey. Both guys are my good friends, and Brett's a fantastic driver, but for some reason, on this day, I knew that it would be Bonbon that returned to the start line to go up against myself or Mulvey.

Phil Morrison verses Mulvey.

My god, had I had a difficult bunch of drivers to go up against or what! This was it now! This was what was going to decide the championship. At the time I was leading the championship with a 6 point lead over Mulvey, and if I didn't beat him, and he then won against Bonbon, I would have had to settle for 2nd place overall.. This was not going to happen. It was my time, and I was not going to give the judges a single doubt about who should go through to the Finals. So I lead first, and we shot off up the straight, as always playing games with each other, right up until we initiate the drift. Then through Brooklands, I apexed late, switched direction into Luffield early to stay on the inside, giving no space for any overtaking on the inside. Despite my normal rule of not looking back, I had a little peek mid corner, and had a little American style YEAH・moment, in my helmet when I saw I壇 pulled a few car lengths on him. So we switched places and he lead, I wasn't going out there with the intention of hitting him, but I'd fully prepared myself to deal with a little paint swapping if I had to. So we initiated late to carry as much speed as possible, and I was right up on him, literally a couple of feet from his door. I had to use the handbrake a couple of times to slow the car to avoid hitting him before we transitioned into Luffield, then once again I was right up on his door, and I'd sure he knew it with my side exit exhaust pointing right at his head.. I'd done it! I'd beaten last years winner, and I'd taken the championship! I couldn't have been happier, and knew that it was only going to get better, as I was now going to meet my teammate on the start line for an all Driftworks finale.


I was still buzzing from the previous runs, but had to concentrate on the task ahead: To go up against the man of the day, in fact the man of the weekend. So my guys had a quick check of the treads to ensure we had enough to run, and we lined up.. I looked over, and could see that Bon was seriously focussed. We gave the nod that we were both ready, and Bon was off like a scalded cat. I have a nice amount of power in our S14, but I think Bon must have been running his car on sheer joy or something, as I simply could't keep up with him. I was fast, but his car was drifting like it was on rails at the front, with a trail of sheer white smoking blinding and choking me. We finished the first run, and I'd pulled a car length back that I'd lost, but that one was definitely going to Bon.

On the second run, once again, his car jumped off the line like it'd been kicked up the ass. I think he had to momentarily lift off to get the car tucked in behind me, and that was the last that I saw of him up until the crossover into Luffield, where with one front wheel on the grass, I heard the external wastegate on the RB20 inching closer and closer to within about a foot. I knew he'd done enough, so I promptly looked back and gave him the middle finger for the remainder of the corner. Haha..

Bon, dude! You've finally got what you have deserved for way to long now. I'd personally really proud of you, and we at Driftworks know that we will be seeing a lot more of that enthusiasm and dedication in the 2007 season. I can't wait!!


The Championship

I started drifting 3 years ago, and if you;d have told me back then that I'd be the 2006 champion of a series of this scale, with this much talent in it, I'd have said yeah I know・. Haha Joke!!! I wouldn't have believed a word of it.

The work that has been put into the D1GB championship by the organisers, and the work the drivers and teams put into preparing, maintaining and driving the cars is second to none, and this is only the first year. I know that 2007 is going to be an incredible year for drifting in the UK, and I know that on the worldwide scale we are already a force to be reckoned with.

I would just like to thank:

Team Driftworks: James, Melissa, Guishnu, Kelly, Ed. And of course Bonbon. To you and all my other friends who have helped out, no matter how much, I thank you.

Thanks to my sponsors:, Federal Tires, Adrian Flux Insurance, Angrr Management, Rota Wheels, Kaaz LSD. There is no chance we would be able to compete at the level that we do without the support from these companies, so I very happy to have hopefully provided you with the results we wanted from this year.

Thanks to the D1GB Team: Glen, Andy, Alex, Maz and everyone else on the team who put all the work in to make this years championship as fantastic as it was. Without the commitment from these people, we wouldn't even have a championship to come first in, so myself and the rest of Driftworks thank you for your continued efforts.

The Drifting Community: You guys and girls absolutely rock!! Support from the grandstands like I've had this year, makes all the difference to how a round goes, I really really appreciate it.

Championship Results

Phil Morrison 78 Points Driftworks S14 200sx
Damian Mulvey 68 Points TDP S13 Silvia
Mark Luney 54 Points Nissan Skyline R32 GTR RWD

Brett Castle 50 Points Abbey Motorsport S14 200sx

Tim Marshall 42 Points Sumo Power Z33 350z

Ben Broke Smith 41 Points Driftworks R32 GTS-t

James Hudson 32 Points Autoglym R32 GTS-t

Maciej Polody 31 Points Toyo S14 200SX

Stephen Evans 30 Points Autoglym R32 GTS-t

Ralph Crampton 28 Points SVA Imports Z33 350Z

Darren McNamara 25 Points McNamara Toyota SR20AE86

Paul Vlasblom 23 Points Driftking BMW E36

Mark Johnston 13 Points Weston Performance RPS13

Tony Green 10 Points Motopoint Toyota Soarer

Ian Harrison 9 Points Nissan S13 200sx

Glen Maher 8 Points Nissan S13 180sx

Niall Gunn 8 Points Nissan S13 180sx

Declan Hicks 7 Points Toyota Soarer

Kieran Cameron 6 Points Nissan S13 200sx

Mat Steele 3 Points URAS S14 200sx

Ian Coyne 3 Points Nissan S13 180sx

James Grimsey 2 Points Nissan S13 180sx

Mike Deane 2 Points Nissan S13 180sx

Simon Russell 1 Point Nissan S14 200sx
Steven Shine 1 Point Nissan S13 180sx
Mike Murphy 1 Point Nissan 13 180sx
Mark Coyne 1 Point Nissan S14 200sx

Mark Buckle 1 Point Nissan Skyline R32 GTS

Scott Armstrong 1 Point Ford Sierra V8

5 of us now have to prepare our cars ready for shipping to the USA to compete in the D1GP world match. Driftworks are organising group flight and hotel bookings for those of you that want to come and support up. Please see the news and events forum for more details.


Phil Morrison

Drifting is the fastest growing motor sport in history, providing a new style of motor sports entertainment to a wide range of audience. Born in Japan some 20 years ago, drifting has evolved from secret night racing in Japan's mountains to the high profile events we see today. The D1 GP was formed in 2001 by Daijiro Inada and Keiichii Tsuchiya aka Drift King・whom remains to be chief judge of the D1 GP. Starting on go-cart circuits, D1 is now at the pinnacle of the sport holding events all over the world at tracks including Sugo, Autopolis, Tsukuba, Suzuka, Irwindale USA and Silverstone UK. Exhibition events are now being held in Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Australia and New Zealand, This all falls into place with several national championships that are now underway to make D1 GP a World wide series.

What is Drifting?

Drifting is a high-skill level motor-sport in which drivers control a car while it slides from side to side at high speed (approx. 80 to 100mph) through a fixed course. It is similar to Rally racing on ice barn, but is done on a tarmac (paved course) and judged on speed, angle of attack, execution and style rather than just who finishes the fastest. Drift cars are typically compact to midsized, rear-wheel-drive sport cars. The goal is to apply enough power to the rear wheels to break the tires' traction and initiate a slide while accelerating the vehicle forward, or "drift" Once a drift is initiated; it must be maintained through the turn using nearly a full power, a tap of braking and precise counter steering.

Autospecs Drifting

"This could be The Next Big Thing" [AutoWeek magazine]
"At its most refined, a stylish drift is a thing of balance and beauty. " "Like skateboarding, drifting is starting to look like the next pop fusion of consumer culture and rebel aesthetics... " [Wired magazine]
"It's like the last lap of the best road race you ever saw repeated over and over again." [SportsCar (SCCA) magazine]

Results of Round 4 Silverstone Sunday 20th August.

We had had a busy week making sure the Driftworks S14 was fully prepped for this round. With the eight point lead we had in the championship, the stakes were still very high, so we wanted to ensure the car was reliable and we retained our 1st place.

We had recently tested the very impressive new Federal 595RS tyres, so knew that we would be competitive, but we had also tweaked a few of the alignment settings to get even better performance from them, so the car was slightly unfamiliar when I got out into the first practice session in the rain.

There had been a classic car day at Silverstone the day before, so aside from the lovely weather, there was plenty of oil on track. This combined with the alignment guys adjusting one of our tension rods well out of range resulting in it popping out, meant my first run of the day resulted in an uncharacteristic trip into the gravel. So back in the pits to fix and re-align the car by eye, and then we went out for the 2nd practice session. This went much better, and I progressively learnt the new handling characteristics run by run.


As always you have one practice run, then three judged runs. On my practice run I pushed a little to hard at Luffield and spun, taking out my side skirt. But my three judged runs went perfectly, resulting in me qualifying in first place.

Top 16:

I drew Ian Harrision in the S13 who lead first, but unfortunately span in front of me on the exit of Brooklands. We swapped positions, and I pulled a healthy lead in the second run, taking me through to the top eight.

Driftworks number two driver Ben Broke Smith, had also had a bad morning, and had to make suspension and steering adjustments between practices, but was now feeling happier with the performance of the car. He drew Paul Vlasblom in the M3powered BMW, the weight difference between the two cars was just to much as Paul pulled away from Ben mid corner with seemingly amazing amounts of lateral grip. I think we need to take an angle grinder to Ben's car to shed a bit of weight.

Stephen Evans, and James Grimsey: James has really come on form with the orange 180sx since starting the season, and Steve is now much happier behind the wheel of the Autoglym R32 Skyline after his recent second place at Knockhill round three, so the battle was nice and close, but Steve was chosen to go through to the top eight.

Newly licensed driver Mark Johnsson driving the Western Performance S13 Silvia, made a very good first impression on us all. Firstly with his ability to pick up the skills, and learn the track. But then after drawing Tim Marshall in the SumoPower 550bhp 350z, pressuring him into a mistake that sent the pink car into the gravel, and going through to the top eight.

Simon Russell had qualified for the top 16 which means that he is now a full D1GB license holder. He went up against Mulvey, and although beaten did some fantastic driving and seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself.

Newcomer Tony Green, now behind the wheel of the Toyota Soarer driven by Tiff Needel at previous rounds was on fire. Showing that the car is a serious weapon, with alot of potential. He drew Mark Luney in the R32GTR, so between them, we were looking at around 1000bhp on track. Tony was making incredible smoke, but spun at Luffield, keeping his boot in, and very narrowly avoiding a hard shunt..

Mark Polody was up against Niall Gunn in the lovely 180sx. Mark went through to the top eight

Ralph Crampton in the SVA 350z beat James Hudson in the Autoglym R32

Top eight

It was myself verses Stiggy (Steve Evans). This was only the second time we've battled this season, but it's always good fun driving against him. I lead the first run, and charged hard right off the start line knowing the power of his R32 could easily keep up. I initiated the drift close to the wall at 100ish mph and quickly tucked into Brooklands. Steve had followed my line and speed exactly, but thanks to the quick reactions of my car, he was unable to follow my line, and span into his home away from home (the gravel.

The second run had to be played tactically. Because Stiggy had spun on the first, I had a 10-0 advantage and all I needed to do was not spin. So I kept my distance, but then saw an opportunity on the last corner for a bit of showboating, and overtook the R32 on the inside.

Top 4, Semi finals.

I drew my arch nemesis Damian Mulvey. He's a great bloke, and as I've said before, we are very closely matched drivers, hence myself being first in the championship, and him second with just eight points separating us, and also: us finishing 1st and 2nd place in last years Autoglym Drift Championship. So as the overall championship points table depended entirely on the outcome of this battle, it was sure to be a good one to watch.

I lead the first run, and as always we played cat and mouse up to the marker cone that the cars have to remain level up until. Then it was hard on the power, with around 800bhp between us accelerating to the furthest point possible, before flicking, handbraking and powering through Brooklands and Luffield. It's extremely difficult to gauge where someone is when behind you, but at the exit of Luffield, after a quick look back I saw a couple of car lengths between us. So the roles were reversed, and he lead. I initiated before him, which took me to the inside line of Brooklands and over the rumble strip. This enabled me to flick into the Luffield right hander and up on the inside, where I overtook him right in the last section of the corner. We returned to the start line, where I was expecting to either go through, or at worst to go one more time, but Mulvey had gone through, and my day had ended with a third place.

Luney beat Polody, but Polody was driving very well all day, and deserves massive congratulations on his highest place so far. He has made a very big effort to be at every singe D1GB event, and thoroughly deserves 4th place.


Damian Mulvey verses Mark Luney: These guys are all to familiar with battling each other, but Luney seems to have added a pinch of aggression to his driving recently. Where before he would follow very closely when given the opportunity mid corner, nowadays he seems intent on going for the overtake. And this is exactly how he went on to win this battle and win round four. He actually went wide at Luffield whilst behind Mulvey, and with the help of the Federal 595RS tyres I had lent him, he overtook Mulvey on the outside!! Which ended in a little contact between Mulveys door and Luneys rear quarter (plus my wheel ), but ultimately was a very skilful and daring overtaking manoeuvre, and once again showed exactly how much talent there now is in D1GB.

Once again another fantastic D1GB event! Massive congrats to Luney and Mulvey my podium buddys, and thanks to the D1GB crew!

Although I still retain a six point lead in the championship, we're all looking forward to the final round at Trax on the 2nd and 3rd of September. It's sure to be spectacular, and a fantastic finale to the awesome D1GB season.

Phil Morrison Driftworks

Pictures courtesy of Ross I'Anson

Points Standings after Round 4

Phil Morrison (Driftworks S14) 60pts

Damien Mulvey (S13) 54pts

Mark Luney (Kerr Tyres) 50pts

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